Etere wins the MAM of Kompas TV: the new Indonesian channel

06 июля 2011

Gramedia has chosen Etere to manage the MAM, Archive and News playout of its new channel

Gramedia in a new tv channel of the Gramedia Group. Gramedia Book Publishing Group is part of Kompas Gramedia Corporation, along with other groups of companies like Kompas - the largest nationwide newspaper in Indonesia with an audited circulation of over 600,000 copies a day, Regional Newspapers, Gramedia Magazines, Gramedia Bookstores, Gramedia Printers, Sonora Radio Stations, Media Nusantara University as well as Santika Hotels & Resorts. At this moment Gramedia Book Publishing Group consists of five book publishing houses. Actually, Gramedia has decided to enter in the broadcast with a new satellite tv channel. For this important step, the Indonesian company has upgraded to Etere: the Italian company that has won the tender for this new important project. Etere provides a MAM and Archive solution for the entire company, using also its MERP extension to manage the resources. An automatic archiving and restoring is performed on tapes by Etere HSM, the module that allows archiving video content which either need to be stored for long-time or make part of the Gramedia news historical archive; storing them into the cartridges of a digital tape library. Gramedia will be provided with the latest Etere workflow-based modular software solutions, which will permit Gramedia to create, run and control the news rundown using the powerful tools of Executive Editor. Etere will supply the TV channel with the latest release of News Automation – MOS compliant: an open system based on a modular architecture capable to extend the traditional concept of news environment. With Etere News Automation the journalists will produce their news programs with the best high quality in a fast way, this, thanks its user friendly interface.
The Newsroom is now managed by ENPS, which interfaces Etere via MOS. Etere uses its new IT-based MTX solution for both ingest and news playout. Etere MTX will simplify the overall Gramedia system management for operators, giving them a single and real-time encoding for both HD and low resolution files, and making them able to create real-time both hi-res and low-res frame synchronized. Gramedia has chosen Etere Hi-Res Transcoder solution for a complete file-based process. The media trascoding process is based on ETERE Hi-Res Transcoder, which allows converting from any to any format; including major file-based management functions such as audio normalization and video standard conversion. The daily schedule transmitted by Gramedia is sent to Etere MAM that will feed the automation with the correct files. The traffic system will be informed of any changes via the SOA service from ETERE. For Etere, the winning of this tender is an important step towards its consolidation in the Indonesian broadcast market. Etere controls all the equipment used by this station which is mainly composed by the following devices:
■ 12 MTX i/o ports in HD full resolution
■ 5 VTR ingest
■ ENPS newsroom
■ Infortrend Video storage
■ Quantum tape library
■ 1 Audio Video Router

Etere is a consistent system !

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