Release 21.5 Enhances Etere Automation

26 May 2011

Etere, the leading provider of high technology software for broadcasting and media businesses, announced significant new features in the latest release of its automation solution

The Etere Research&Development Team has developed more news about its famous Etere Automation module, to be able to make it more functional.
Etere Automation delivers advanced capabilities, some are:
- Redesigned kernel for a faster and more powerful performance
- Restyled device drivers with more functions and better communication
- Improved status panel holding all status checks and controls grouped into a single bar, which can be easily positioned on the screen (up or down)
- A top bar displaying –in large type- the name of the TV station and the current automation status, thus allowing to always keep an eye on playout
- Possibility of displaying various counters and status info, in this way operators will choose the interface that best fits their needs without any limit (automation master/automation clone, status of the devices, emergencies, etc….)
- Detailed automation messages and accurate time frames are also displayed for a better understanding
- Buttons featuring new icons for an intuitive use, allowing the operator to made them transparent to have a single bar in either black or color
- Ability to store up to two different layouts, for the playback and the startup. - User interface with fully customizable colors with the possibility to preview changes while editing
- Auto-hide function that permits to automatically hide out the main Automation form during the on-air, allowing to unhide it with a simple click.
Also noteworthy is that all above mentioned features have been developed with brilliant accuracy to make the operator’s job easy, fast and efficient, a remarkable fact that increases the legendary capabilities of Etere Automation. All those features integrated in Etere Executive Editor 21.5 with more easy to use interface.