EA6766 Etere MAM Federate Search

27 June 2007

Etere Media Asset Management allows you to incorporate different MAM archives, including non-linear audio/video, multi-format files, images, documents, text) with a single federate search.

Mostly a Tv station accumulates an incredible amount of data and content of many different types and formats and has multiple MAM systems in order to manage, control and consequently have access to them.

Some of these systems started only for local purposes as post production or news archive. ETERE MAM allows to incorporate all the different MAM archives (non-linear audio/video, multi-format files, images, documents, text) with a single federate search adopting a unified approach to local and remote queries and making a large volume of data searchable without having to visit each database individually.

Federated search implements ETERE broadcasting software as it allows operators to access multiple data sources with a single query string located within a single interface. ETERE MAM federate search transforms a query and broadcasts it to a group of disparate databases with the appropriate syntax, merging the results collected and presenting them in a unified format, and providing a means to sort the merged result set.

Other Mam important data are reported via interface inside the ETERE MAM. So you can see that you have what you need but it’s inside an editing station, with all the details to retrieve it.

ETERE MAM fully supports MOS protocol to integrate different archives and also Ftp, CIFS and NTFS. The federate search also allows various instances of the search application to run on separate servers. This means that one server with the search application can make a request to another, protected, server that can run the requested query without being exposed to the server making the original query. With Etere you always find the best and easy way to work.