MCOT selects Etere MAM as its commercial Media Asset Management

28 April 2011

Etere, the leading provider of MAM systems, announced that it has won the Modernine (Channel 9) TV’s tender to manage all the commercial content

Modernine TV (formerly known as MCOT Channel 9) is a television network in Bangkok that is owned and operated by MCOT Public Company Limited. MCOT Public Company Limited is a Thai Media conglomerate. Its origins date back to the creation in 1955 of Thailand's first television broadcaster, The Thai Television Company Limited. In August 2004, the Thai government corporatized the Mass Communications Organization of Thailand and renamed it MCOT Pcl. Headquartered in Bangkok, MCOT operates a television station, Modernine TV (formerly Channel 9). MCOT has upgraded to Etere to manage the video content of its new multichannel facility with the maximum quality currently available in the market; this installation strengthens Etere's leadership position and expands its presence in Thai media market.

Etere Media Asset Management will handle all the advertising content of CH9, managing its entire lifecycle, from ingest to archive and playout through different distribution channels; allowing to handle the playlists and video even for the channels not managed by
Etere Automation, being this the best proof of the superior media and playlist management of Etere software which supports both SD and HD contents. Etere Media Asset Management provides Channel 9 with the most effective resources sharing, where all the flexibility needed by the station to distribute its content anywhere and anyhow is given by Etere Workflow, the key module that permits to deliver contents besides across all the different media channels also across internet and mobile networks. The Post-production area is now connected via Etere Web for a complete tapeless management, where files are received via workflow in any format thanks to the use of Etere HI-RES Transcoder, the solution which brings an any-to-any format conversion and a further automatic audio adjustment. Moreover, Etere Tapeless Reception implements a safe portal on internet to receive files even from remote locations. Etere Media Manager distributes transfers across multiple transcoders, balancing the load into different computers to reach the best performances according to a priority list perfectly created according to the metadata generated by Etere MAM, the module that also provides cut editing and quality check features.
Here ETERE use a Microsoft clustered storage, that with the optimization of Etere datamovers technology is able to perform more than 400MB/sec, a really high number using a standard IT system. The configuration of the overall system is fully redundant due to the use of a cluster for the SQL server that prevents any single point of failure, additionally, an ET0558 device is used to switch –main and backup- RS-422 controlled devices. MCOT Channel 9 uses Etere to broadcast its 5 five SD channel plus one HD channel, and once broadcasted, the post-onair control is performed by Etere Memory, the solution for logging all the video channels plus the 8 radio channels managed by MCOT. Etere Memory is able to record all low resolution content (audio file for the radios) that has been transmitted and therefore can keep track of everything that has run within a configurable time slot. Etere controls all the broadcast equipment used by MCOT which is mainly composed by the following devices:
■ 5 Grass Valley K2 Summit
■ 4 VTR Ingest
■ 1 Maestro Master Control
■ 1 Clustered Storage System
■ 64 TB Near-line storage for HiRes and Proxy
■ over than 30 Edius NLE workstations

Etere, a consistent system!

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