Indian broadcaster Travel Trendz TV upgrades to Etere

07 апреля 2011

Etere won the tender for Travel Trendz TV. The Indian TV channel choose Etere to upgrade its playout system

Travel Trendz TV upgrades to Etere Automation to send on-air channel schedule including secondary events such logos and transitions.

The entire data repository managed by Travel Trendz TV is protected by Etere from any inconvenience. The playout system includes a Clone automation system able to replace any Main automation in case of failure; this, thanks to the implementation of two synchronized systems with automation controllers which run two independent copies of the same play-list, ready to switch in case of fault. Etere Media Manager provides 2 copies of the files always available. Thanks to Etere, Travel Trendz has been able to create its own workflows, empowered with a tight integrated and highly cost efficient distributed architecture. Etere gives to the customer the possibility of use Final Cut Pro to create video assets move and playout with no manual management. Etere Web workflow sends files from Final Cut Pro workstations to MSV1000 SeaChange video server, and keeps the two SeaChange servers mirrored and generates a low-resolution copy of the file. The deployed Etere system exploits successfully the whole potential of the equipment used by the station, which is mainly composed by the following devices:
- 2 SeaChange MSV1000 video server
- 2 VTR Ingest
- 1 Ultrared Crawl Generator
- 1 Nevion A/V router
Etere: A consistent system!

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