VTV: Media Management System & Digital Archive System

23 March 2012

VTV chooses Etere for its main archive, to fully replace its traditional tape-based archive.

VTV, Vietnam Television, the national broadcaster of Vietnam is the only nation-wide TV in Vietnam. VTV is a leading news and mass communication organization; it plays an active role in the nation’s ideological and cultural forefront by disseminating information to the general public across the country & overseas Vietnamese, providing scientific & educational programming and entertainment to audience groups. At present, Etere has a strong relationship with VTV, based on years of playout management of the VTV’s nine channels by an Etere System, a choice that has permitted VTV to achieve an operative efficiency while meeting audience’s quality expectations. Etere has implemented a distributed but integrated archive which tightly combines powerful servers with an easy to use browser interface.
VTV will be provided with a digital archive that enhanced with a rock-solid reliability and high availability with increased bandwidth and storage, characteristics that will allow VTV operators to easily search, preview and retrieve any media they want from the digital archive whilst remaining at their desks. An “Integrated Digital Archive System” based on Etere is able to provide VTV with a large number of operational benefits and advantages derived from the correct use of ultimate media management technology; Etere will entirely support VTV on its migration to a digital environment giving them the most of efficiency, flexibility, scalability, workflow reliability and accuracy. These days, the digitalization process of VTV is proceeding; a new archive is being created to fully overtake of the traditional tape archive currently used by the station and that doesn’t include any digitalization step (their content and organization is mainly related to analog tapes. The digital archive project will be a big jump for the station, passing from analog to digital, and then from tape to files. The core of the system is ETERE MAM, the module that enables a comprehensive searching, browsing and cataloguing of rich media with very intuitive interface; during the entire media management process, Etere MAM will control Omneon MediaDeck devices for ingest and preview, an Omneon MediaGrid as the main disk-archive, and a Sony Petasite with LTO5 tapes as deep archive. The multi-format transcoding and low-res generation is based on ETERE Hires Transcoder, the solution that allows converting from/to any media format; all these under a file-based management including audio normalization and video standard conversion. VTV’s primary need consist in digitizing its large tape library to subsequently store them in a digital archive system able to initially hold 15,000 hours of media, this system will must provide future retrieval either just for viewing, for repeat transmission, or editing. The station’s digital archive will be supported by a complex IP based connection provided with all the divisions required by VTV including:
• Production
• Post-production
• News
• Playout

The VTV’s project is the first fully file-based media management system in Vietnam, which thanks to Etere Workflow will become into the central hub used for the distributing files anywhere in any format. All the ingested content will pass a quality check based on ETERE QC System consisting of a faster than real-time and fully file-based checking.

Etere Web will permit VTV to spread out all the information over the different buildings of the station located in Vietnam; and with ETERE Tapeless Reception, VTV will implement a secure portal to receive files of any format from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, using the Etere Rights Management System, system administrators can easily allow or deny access to files based on login this will allow to share only the correct content to everyone, this feature is important for Vietnamese workflow.

Dr. Ngo Thai Tri-General Director of VTV IT& Measurement Center said: “We chose Etere because it is a Media Enterprise Resource Planning system the best solution to drive VTV in the tapeless technology; with Etere we start now with the most important part of this project: the digital archive”. Etere, a consistent system!

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