ETV upgrades to Etere for its Media Asset Management

13 апреля 2011

ETV - Educational Television in Thailand - upgrades to Etere Media Asset Management, it will allow digitizing the video content with a single interface to operate on both sites

ETV is the Educational Television in Thailand; its programs are produced and disseminated to promote formal, non-formal and informal education as lifelong learning for the children, the youth and the families. ETV’s education television programs are transmitted 18 hours a day / 3,279 programs a year.
ETV has chosen Etere to manage its video content, implementing a complex workflow for its new facility, spread across Bangkok and Rangsit; Etere MERP will share the resources in the 2 sites and combine them when necessary within a single interface.
The core of the ETV’s system is Etere MERP, the solution that allows sharing resources in the most effective way. The Etere MERP approach has been provided to ETV with the latest workflow-based modular software solutions, which will permit ETV to create, run and control all the workflows needed to manage and playout the TV station using a reliable integrated and cost efficient distributed architecture.
In both sites all the materials are stored in high and low resolution. Media content is moved between the two sites only when either archive or restore operations are requested. The two sites are able to generate EDL and other metadata structures and save and import them into Edius HD for further editing. Once used for on-air, video clips are moved to the tape archive after 3 days; whereas media content stored in the hi-res storage archive is moved to the archive if it has not been used for the last 30 days.
All clips must pass a Quality Control in order to be approved before they can be inserted in the playlist which is sent on-air only in Sri Ayudhaya the automatic QC is managed by ETERE CMS tht run the 1st screening alerting operators if manual second screening is required.
Etere Media Asset Management will allow digitizing the video content with a single interface capable to operate on both sites.
Etere Workflow gives to ETV all the flexibility they need to distribute the content anywhere and in all the different media channels not only standard broadcast but even internet and mobile phones. Etere Tapeless Reception allows the station implementing a safe internet portal for the reception of media files.
Etere MAM is the module able to fit and streamline any digital workflow operations, allowing a perfect integration between different system components such as the acquisition of contents and management of rights.

An automatic archiving and restoring on LTO-5 tapes managed by Etere HSM, the module that allows archiving video content which either need to be stored for long-time or make part of the ETV historical archive; storing them into the LTO-5 cartridges of a digital tape library.

The Post-Production department is connected to the station via Etere Web, the web service that provides a complete tapeless system for the reception and management of media files, integrating the features of Etere Hires Transcoder for a precise format conversion of received media as well as an automatic adjustment of the audio.
Etere Media Manager is the intelligent video transfer solution, able to make content always ready without manual intervention, restoring automatically all media content requested bv the broadcast playlist. Etere Media Manager distributes media operations across multiple Transcoders, thus balancing the loan of the different computers to reach the best performances, Etere loan balancing uses Etere MAM metadata to create the perfect priority list, and made content available for Etere MAM, from which operators can easily perform the cut editing and quality check tasks.
controls an Edius editing system for hires and lowres near online storage, distributing the loan dynamically to reach the requested performances.
The overall system configuration is fully redundant, improved with a cluster on the SQL server to avoid any single point of failure; additionally, an ET0558 device is used to quickly switch (via GPI) between main and backup RS422 controlled devices.
Etere controls all the equipment used by this station which is composed by the following devices:
5 Grass Valley K2 Summit
6 VTR ingest
1 AV Router
1 Digital tape library OVERLAND
2 nearline storage for HiRes & Proxy (60TB + 30TB)
Over then 60 Edius NLE workstations. Etere, a consistent system!

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