Etere for Videolina

09 октября 2007

Videolina, the important TV station located on the Italian isle of Sardinia, has chosen Etere software system for its facilities.

Since 1975, Videolina has been the first TV station in Sardinia and has constantly grown, extending its transmission on satellite in 2000.

This year Etere has supplied Videolina with a software managing program schedule: programming, advertising planning, automatic playout from both Main and Clone servers for 6 TV channels and 1 commercial split. Etere TV Automation Main and Clone are two synchronized systems with automation controllers running two independent copies of the same playlist ready to switch in case of fault.

In detail, Etere has provided Videolina with a redundant playout system that manages 6 Sigeco MCServer videoservers both for the automatic transfer of clips from storage to the playout server and for the management of all the graphics through Sigeco system devices, controlling Logo, CG/Titler, Crawl.

In addition to the video graphics system, Etere also manages the audio/video matrix and the VTR ingest.

The archive of the Videolina TV stations is kept for at least 3 months and is guaranteed by Etere Memory running on a standard PC. In this way the Etere system also manages the legal recording as by law enacted, with the Memory system recording the transmissions in the 24 hours for all the 6 TV channels and storing them for the 3 months.
Memory recordings can therefore be used for legal controls by the authorities and as a playout certification system in case of litigation with customers.

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