Etere for MOMO shopping channel in Taipei

12 ноября 2007

Etere worldwide software company has supported MOMO Shopping MALL in Taipei one of the Biggest TV and WEB Shopping Channel in Taiwan, with an advanced system for the management of two channels

MOMO chose Etere product for its unique features.
The MOMO project integrated a fault tolerant automation system with a scheduling system and a deep archive. A standard solution of three different products connected by simple interfaces was rejected by MOMO while the integration and its easy use was the key of the system success.
Etere was the only solution that integrated the 3 areas in a single framework, with a single system managing all the activities of the network. MOMO chose the superior performances and easy use of Etere. The keypoints of Etere comprehensive system for Momo are:
• Automation fault tolerant of 2 channels - Etere fits perfectly in the 2 videoserver system of MOMO, providing transmission protection and data mirroring at the same time.
• HSM library and disk cache integration in the same system - Etere HSM allows the long term archive of the video using the new LTO4 technology, while the multi level cache system allows the fastest retrive of the most frequent used content.
• Etere media asset management for the storage of all the metadata and for the management of all the archives - Etere MAM is the end-to-end software to manage both digital media assets and their delivery on multiple platforms in real time. MAM ingests, handles, exchanges, indexes digital contents in all possible ways, taking care of data transmission and storage at the same time.
• Integrated scheduling with secondary event preview - Etere Program Scheduling has got two scheduling levels for maximum flexibility; the multifunctional Presentation Editor allows to build up sophisticated schedules and the Instant Editor that allows to modify the schedule even a few seconds before going on air. Integrated control of crowded cluster and secondary events preview (i.e. Logos, Crawls, etc) makes this editor to be the best tool for the schedule management. • Traditional Chinese integration – Etere software is Unicode based. Titles, codes, crawl text, user notes can be written in any language.
The devices controlled in this system are:
• 2 Omneon MediaDeck videoservers
• 2 Sony VTR for the ingest
• 2 Evertz Audio/video routers
• 2 Quartz Master control
• 2 Evertz Logo generators
• HP LTO4 tape library with 40 slots.
Etere, a consistent system!

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