Etere 21 will include EDT file transfer capabilities

06 December 2010

Etere will include EDT based file transfer capabilities on ETERE 21.

EDT file transfer increase up to 7 time the transfer speed of large files compared to FTP technology. The efficiency is increased when you use WAN transfers where latency is longer. EDT protocol will be integrated in ETERE datamovers and in Etere workflow blocks without a third party application. Your network will never be so fast.
Transport of digital assets over a wide area network is a truly critical aspect for a broadcaster company. FTP technology is still used everywhere as a valid protocol, but time and reliability are nowdays key factors in a modern and efficent organization.
ETERE comes up with a new core technology that we called EDT (Etere Data Transfer Protocol), to deliver more power and security control over your network bandwidth. This new product certainly reprensent the next generation of transport technology inside broadcast field, with an uncomparable better performance and specifically engineered for sending media contents through WAN/LAN networks. Using a different algorithm EDT technology is able to utilize all the available bandwidth and it’s considerably faster than FTP. Indeed it accelerates the video files trasfer using Wan connection from 5 to 7 times compared to ftp technology. EDT delivers a better performance than similar products on the market and it is easy to use and embedded in the new Etere release (ETERE 21) with no special hardware requirements and no other third party applications. Journalist and content providers will benefits and certainly appreciate the faster trasfer rate of their digital assets (especially when they are outside their companies) regardless of files size, transfer distance and above all the sedly known bottleneck bandwidth network. Improve your ETERE software experience and keep a step ahead to your competitors, your network will never be so fast. Contact us for more information on EDT technology.

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