Etere Federated System

10 ноября 2010

Etere wins another quite complex installation at MYX North America. A controlled ABS-CBN music channel in California.

MYX is the music channel of ABS-CBN brand and the first music channel in the Philippines. In 2007, MYX North America was launched in the United States. MYX North America is catering to the Asian-American youth community.

ABS-CBN has requested the capability to transmit a 24-hour-schedule, generated in the main station located in Philippines, across a remote station. In that case video files are automatically transferred on-demand to a remote local station like MYX in North America and of course bidirectionally syncronized.
In order to accomplish that, Etere has proposed a federated media management solution, a completely new system to remotely manage schedules of media contents.

Therefore the federated media management makes remotely managed TV a cost effective reality, opening up new markets to our clients. It is also important to point out that MYX california is still able to operate indipendently from ABS-CBN thanks to the devices and software we have provided.
In order to go through a federeted playout system, Etere has also provided ABS-CBN with all the modules required for the implementation of a remote, frame accurate playout office.

Etere Scheduling system allows the easy scheduling of complex channel branding events and, combined with STMan – the Etere Subtitles Management module – it is, at the state-of-art technology, the ideal solution to match music programs with the appropriate titles, logos and crawls by automatically reading video asset forms and then working together with Etere Automation.

Etere F90 is the perfect ETERE Scheduling companion for automatic import/export of scheduled programs, commercials planning and their related financial information, to either internal and external departments. Once again ABS-CBN did not want to give up one of its channel of the unbeatable service offered by Etere. Etere is a TV management system able to integrate all functions inside a media company by automating and connecting them together in a single consistent system.

Etere controls the following devices for MYX North America:
• n. 2 RS422/RS232 Moxa Nport serial device server
• n. 2 Time Code reader board (PCI) Adrienne PCI LTC/RDR
• n. 2 GPI I/O board (USB slot) 8 in/8 out
• n. 2 Omneon mediadeck
• n. 1 CG Pixel Power
• n. 1 HiRes transcoder

ABS-CBN keeps on growing with Etere.

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