PTS chooses ETERE for its new playout facility

10 August 2011

PTS, the most important TV channel of Taiwan, chooses ETERE to upgrade the existing 6 channels to HD

Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation (PTS) is the first independent public broadcasting institution in Taiwan.
Since its creation, PTS has produced several critically acclaimed dramatic programs and mini-series despite experiencing funding difficulties. PTS is bound up in speaking for the minority, including the promotion of Hakka language and Taiwanese aboriginal programming that would have been unheard of in the martial law era and have been perceived to be hallmarks of the "Taiwanization" efforts. PTS is the state owned and most important channel of existing 5 Taipei channels. The structure of PTS is very old, mainly based on Tape with VTR onair controlled from a traditional Louth/Harris automation. The upgrade to ETERE is a hudge improvement for PTS, from a traditional system to a new distributed architecture. There are multiple challanges in this new system, mainly the HD/SD mixed media management with the input ports switched on the fly from HD/SD under automation control. Simulcast of SD and HD content with realtime ARC control by automation, item by item. Use of all the legacy hardware including a flexicart cart machine as ingest or playout devices. Fully redundant system able to survive to any single failure of the system. Morover, the system will include a new secondary event scheduler to easily play multiple crawls in multiple programs. Controlled devices:
• 50 Computers
• 2 Omneon Spectrum
• 4 Logo Generator Evertz
• 4 Master Control Evertz
• 1 Sony Flexycart
• 14 VTR

Etere a consistent system !

Download Pdf Doc.
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