Etere for Irpinia TV and Campania Uno TV

03 декабря 2007

High-performance software for good quality and workflow requirements.

Etere, the leading international developer of broadcasting solutions, has provided the Irpinia TV station with an advanced and flexible management of 2 TV channels: Irpinia TV and Campania Uno. With Etere solution Irpinia TV can control its workflow with up to 10 workstations.
The station has enhanced its functions with cost-effective operations under the assistance of an unlimited support service available 24h a day. Sabino Giordano, Technical Director of Videoproduzioni srl, said: "Etere has satisfied all our requirements. We were looking for a reliable software for our TV automation. Quality and workflow were the main concerns in selecting the right solution provider. Etere system has turned out to perform extremly well and productivity has increased."
Etere has designed a customized solution that consists of:
- Commercial planning Etere Traffic Lite allows the station to schedule commercials, timeslots and rotation tables according to fixed time.
- Scheduling Etere Scheduling is efficient in long-term planning and advanced playlist handling behind the airing date for both main and secondary events management. It manages copyright contracts, serial metadata and clips at the same time.
- Full caching playout automation designed to integrate all the TV station’s departments with the activities and the equipment necessary for the ingestion and the automatic playout for both TV channels.
- STMAN advanced graphics playout management. Etere software manages the following devices for the Irpinia TV playout system:
- a Grass Valley K2 stand-alone MediaClient videoserver
- 2 VTRs for ingest
- Audio/Video router
- Elca logo generator
- DekoCast CG/Titler.
Etere, solutions in a single package.

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