Rai upgrade to Etere 20

27 октября 2010

Rai upgrade to Etere 20 to use the enhanced workflow capabilities of the new Etere.

RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana, is the Italian state owned public service broadcaster controlled by parliament. RAI is the biggest television company in Italy, and operates, using Etere’s standard and tailored solutions, many television channels stations including both analogue and digital terrestrial, as well as satellite offerings. RAI 4 and RAI SPORT+, located in Rome, are now full operating with Etere 20. Both the channels have been indeed upgraded to the newest version of Etere, adding also 2 new modules, Etere MEMORY and Etere F90. Etere MEMORY is a pure software solution, inexpensive and easy to maintain. It runs also on MS Windows XP OS. Etere Memory is able to record all low resolution content that has been transmitted and therefore can keep track of everything that has run within a configurable time slot. Morover RAI 4 and RAI SPORT+ are now using Etere F90 to powerfully and automatically import/export data. As far as RAI 4 and RAI SPORT+ is concerned Etere is able to pilot 3 different devices, importing the playlist and merging data on the same database, ready for playout, with the chance to exchange data files between the two channels. Etere DATAMOVER which is also installed, is another Etere module to backup the registered RAI assets and immediately restore them considering the TV schedule. RAI SPORTS 2, a Turin based TV channel, uses also Etere to outperform commercials management with the ability to exchange data files with RAI 4 and RAI SPORT+. Basically Rome and Turin always connected, easily and hassle free, thanks to the power of Etere workflows. This is only an example of what can be done with Etere workflows ! Get connected !

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