Etere added a bookmark on Etere Memory

08 February 2007

Etere has enlarged its Memory Browsing adding a new features: the bookmark.

Each TV station has a huge amount of video and files to be stored and truck and it is every day more difficult to take them under control. For everybody it is extremely important to have the opportunity to save time, and so money, and reduce the possibility to make any mistake, while searching or using a file. Etere has always pointed its attention to supply its clients with the most advanced technology able to give all the instruments to act in the faster and more reliable way.

The Italian company never sink on its success and looks ahead to improve its software, so it added a new feature to its already advanced Etere Memory Browser: the book mark.

With the bookmark system it is possible to point an imagine in a file, catalogue it adding timing and comments in order then to be able to search the point by means of the information inserted. Bookmarks can be added while watching a file only pressing a certain button ( a star in the case), a form will be opened exactly on the imagine where the operator stopped and there it is possible to add any comment , for each bookmark added it is also saved the relative image.

The bookmark function is extremely easy to be used but meantime extremely important whether an operator wants to find any comments added, he can in fact search a bookmark for date/time or comment , inserting AND and OR and Etere Memory Browser will show all the bookmarked matching the search.

The bookmark is a feature of Etere Memory.

Etere memory is a pure software solution inexpensive and easy to maintain. It doesn’t require any dedicated hardware and it works on MS Windows XP OS. Etere Memory takes low quality video trace of what has run within a configurable time slot.

With Etere Memory you can:
• record and playback what has already run with its respective time-code
• monitor all the network using a standard PC
• choose the Video recording quality
• keep 100% accurate trace of what has run (e.g. litigation)
• benchmark your channels as well as your competitors
• make your clients to know exactly how and where their commercials run.
• integrate with Presentation Editor as run log
• use Windows Media Player 9 to see again the recorded video clips

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