Etere MTX at ABS/CBN for HD channel

03 September 2010

ABS/CBN makes use of MTX HD system for the AD insertion on the new HD channel. Etere MTX has been chosen for it’s user-friendly approach and capability to play multiple formats. MTX is perfectly integrated in the existing ABS/CBN facilities, all based on Etere for more than 20 channels.

ABS-CBN is the Philippines' largest television network now reaching 97% of all households in the this country. This commercial television broadcaster, involved in the production of television programs for domestic and international audiences, eventually completed its plan to upgrade its studios facilities from SD definition to HD definition for the AD play out. The increasing demand of high-impact HD commercial contents from their clients and audiences pushed ABS-CBN to definitely setting up the AD play out of more than 20 cable TV channels with Etere MTX system. The MTX is without shadow of doubt the most advanced and cost-effective video management system on the market. Based on the well known HD Matrox digital video/audio/graphics platform, MTX is used as a quick content player with fast access to all video commercials, able to play multiple formats with no conversion.

Basically the professional video experience of Matrox plus the reliability and efficency of Etere, together reaching a new level in the cutting-edge media technology. Although Etere has 20 years old history of working alongside boadcasters, ABS-CBN evaluated a wide number of products from other suppliers too. The decision to go with Etere MTX was made after they realized the great flexibility of content sources especially for their AD insertion and live HD possibilities together with unbelievably matrox speed technology. The technical operations division also noted and liked the perfect in control and userfiendliness of Etere MTX during the demonstration performed.
Here in brief some relevant features that make MTX a competitive solution:
- All compression schemas and wrappers are supported, including for example MPG2, DV,DVCpro, AVI, MXF and QT,
- Etere MTX includes a graphics engine which allows overlaying fixed Logos and Crawls,
- Etere MTX fully supports the configuration of Matrox cards,
- Etere MTX, unlike other solutions, is offered as low-price software that includes free upgrades and updates as all Etere products,
- The rendering engine of Matrox cards can be controlled in real-time by Etere MTX, being even capable to produce statics or dynamic graphic overlays,
- Etere MTX is able to work on a dedicated computer so it will exploit the whole potential of Matrox video cards, forming at the same time an important part of a distributed Etere system. ABS-CBN can now surely expects significant benefits thanks to Etere MTX !

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