T-Workflow, Perfect for Syndication

08 июля 2010

Etere T-Workflow orchestrates all tasks and action items across the entire media lifecycle. Users are also able to customize workflows easily with the integrated graphical tool.

Etere T-Workflow is able to receive and manage High Definition or Standard Definition programming sent from major media Companies to Etere Tapeless Reception.

Etere T-Workflow automates the entire process from receiving or ingesting to delivering to your on-air server. For critical workflows, Etere T-Workflow offers redundant engines and paths to provide 24/7 reliability, auto-failover, configurable high-priority processing and distributed control to ensure no single point of failure. Flexible and unlimited, T-Workflow provides intelligent load-balancing across multiple servers and multiple paths, to meet your growing needs. Each step can include a transcoding function to deliver the correct file to the correct target, This eliminates dubbing to tape and the need to manually process content. Those steps can include also format conversion and HD/SD conversion. Also, T-Workflow ensures the transmission using MD5 checksum in every step.

Hands-free processing
Etere T-Workflow use Etere Tapeless Reception for easy and safe receipt. No more shared directory or FTP sites with uncontrolled access. Etere Tapeless Reception give you 100% power in processing video. Your personel is notified even using e-mail at every important step of processing, and content providers receive an e-mail receipt confirmation of successful delivery of files.

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