Etere and Omneon lowres encoder.

28 July 2010

Etere use the lowres generation capability of the latest Omneon encoders

Etere enhances its interface for Omneon servers. On all the mediaports and mediadecks 53xxx it’s possible to create hires and lowres files from the same time. Etere jumps in this opportunity to simplify the systems for the customers giving a single and real-time encoding for both hi resolution and low resolution files. With this option with a single encoder you can create real-time both hires and lowres frame synchronized. The Omneon lowres is registered in Etere MAM database and can be used immediately. The Etere workflow let you to decide where you prefer to store, in the server or in near on line disk archive, this include Omneon Mediagrid. Omneon low resolution files can be used also by Etere CMS process for fast automatic quality check. Etere capability to use Omneon lowres generation is included in etere 20.3 release free of charge to all etere users with current support contract and Etere Proxy licence enabled.

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