Etere for DIGICAST Automation & Archiving for 5 TV channels

26 May 2006

Digicast chooses again Etere for its 5 TV Channels.

Roma – Digicast, Multi thematic channel, manages 5 Sat TV Channels (Planet, Jimmy, Caccia e Pesca, Sailing Channel e Sailing Channel International).
The transmission facility is located in Rome, and they already planned the facility upgrade. The first step was performed last year when ETERE traffic and scheduling were installed, they upgrade their AirSales system and scheduling, plus videotape management using ETERE traffic and scheduling.

Now they discontinue the sgt automation and upgrade the 5 channels onair system. They move to an innovative structure with 4 videoservers managing the ingest and playout in a full redundant system and with a near on line archive of 16 TB ( 3’000 hors) that allow more than a week of storage for all the channels.

This innovative structure change the channel workflow, moving in the future the ingest, due to the huge capacity of the archive.

The archive is based on 4 redundant raid 5 units connected using I-scsi interfaces. This keep the archive price low but with a good performance. Etere media manager provide all the logical connection, creating the redundant pair of video files and archive video not to be used in the same day. Plus Etere automation in a full redundant configuration to drive the 5 channels without a single point of failure.

Etere transcoding provide the browsing preview for all the users, including traffic people.

ETERE system controls for the ingestion, playout and archive/expansion:
• 4 VTR for the ingestion
• 4 Grass Valley K2 stand-alone 4 in and 12 out SD video servers
• Router Pro-Bel Freeway with Aurora controller
• 5 Logo Miranda ImageStores
• 4 redundant 4 TB disk arrays

Digicast is also planning an important improvement like the use of ETERE HSM for long term storage and Etere web for information sharing.

Toni Paris, director of the playout says: Etere was able to give us a terrible improvement in the system. We never think to have a so powerful system with a small budget. The huge capacity and the easy of use of the system reduce the human errors by 80%.

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