Etere at BES India 2007

29 января 2007

ETERE will show its wide range of products for the 4th time at BES India 2007.

Etere will show its wide range of products for the 4th time at BES India 2007. The Indian exhibition has become for the Italian software company a fixed appointment, this to underline the big interest Etere has on the Indian market.
ETERE will show it’s solutions at the stand B-14, Hall 7D.
Since 1990 ETERE Automation provides the most powerful, flexible, cost-effective, high-performance, end-to-end broadcast solutions.

A shared framework to manage all the television business: TV automation, Media Asset Management, Archiving, Traffic, AirTime sales, News Integration, web sharing.
ETERE is the only company worldwide able to offer you a single solution in a single package.
ETERE in more than 17 years ETERE acquires more than 400 customers worldwide. Thanks to ETERE innovative workflow they have been increasing productivity and quality while cutting costs.
The integrated system ETERE offer has a huge vantage against competitors because it includes all the activities of a TV station, automation, scheduling, traffic and media management.
ETERE will show to broadcasters an edge technology solution with an unbeatable price, with more features than any other.

At BES India 2007, ETERE will show all its range of products, mainly ETERE MAM and HSM.
ETERE MAM: it’s a software solution completely modular and flexible. MAM can index and manage a huge amount of video asset. Actually, the acronym MAM stands for Media Asset Management. Assets are tapes, video files or other formats usually described with a lot of metadata. Metadata were, in the past, written down piling up an impressive amount of data growing more and more. Nowadays, networks easily manage digital metadata thanks to the use of MAM. ETERE MAM solution is an extension of the Automation use all it’s technology for device controlling.
ETERE MAM: it’s the end-to-end software to manage both analog and digital media assets and their delivery on multiple platforms in real time.

The Italian company wants to draw its client attention to this important new feature:

MAM and HSM bundled solution to create the archive for your station for both analogic and digital content including upload and download from devices and SDI interface.
ETERE HSM Enterprise: it’s a system designed for broadcast use, it’s not a general purpose system adapted for the broadcast needs. ETERE HSM interfaces directly the ETERE MAM/Indexing system with the tape library offering an unbeatable performance and easy of use. It uses 2 level cache optimization and partial file retrieving.

All the features are offer with full Unicode support. Only ETERE can provide language support on demand, giving windows interface localization in all languages supported by Windows O.S. Also all the reports will be in your language. Etere offers also a localized interface in different languages, including the help online.

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