Etere at Radio TV Forum 2010

17 мая 2010

Etere exhibited at the Radio TV Forum conference and exhibition 2010. It was a success!

Introduced in 2006, RADIOTV FORUM happening is becomes in the years a point of fixed reference for broadcast and overall television area. The event occurs each year in Rome, at the same time to the conferences, technical seminars, workshop where the most actual sector problems are faced, at the RADIOTV FORUM is organized an area expo, where an always increasing number of qualified visitors it takes part for touching with hand the last novelties proposed by the industry of sector, both Italian and foreign.
At RADIOTV FORUM attend institutional delegates, political representatives and experienced of the sector. Starting from 2009, RADIOTV FORUM develops also into "WORKSHOP DAY": a day of technical seminars and companies meeting, finalized to face a specific theme of the broadcast world. This year the event will be focused on digital TV, including every problem that broadcasters must face because of the definitive passage to the technology of digital TV transmission

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