Etere at NABshow 2002

09 января 2002

ETERE will take part at NAB 2002. Again this year, you’ll be able to witness the power of ETERE’s simplicity. See us at: SeaChange booth L19564

ETERE Automation has created a new TV automation system based on a videoserver: Full Caching. Full Caching Automation offers various advantages: extreme flexibility, quality and reliability. Commercials don’t have to be prepared in advance and also the last minute changes can be exported to the schedule, any time and of any size. ETERE Automation creates schedules easily and automatically, without an operator’s intervention. Only the most powerful and the most flexible software on the market is capable to offer you all this, and much more, at a low price: this represents the major investment for your money. With ETERE your automation will be frame accurate. ETERE Automation has been using recently the advantages of distributed architecture. Distributed architecture is scalable at 100%: several processes can work contemporaneously without compromising their functionality. Adding channels, devices or PCs doesn’t bring any modification to the already existing architecture. It is possible to increase number of tasks according to your needs. As on a standard PC it’s possible to use several formats, documents, etc. at the same time, so that with the distributed technology of ETERE Automation you can use only one, or 100 PCs, for all station assets, depending on your necessities. Now, this new technology, which derives from the Internet, doesn’t need a central unit, but only independent functions, which communicate with each other. ETERE will show an important software for the production: ETERE Logger. With it, you can:
- Logging efficiently the whole material by using keywords
- Logging your programs with maximum simplicity
- Fast search without error
- Creates and sends stories to editing systems
There are 2 different versions: for Big Brother and for Sport. ETERE Logger “Big Brother”
ETERE entered the world of TV production. An only-software solution, to create your “Reality TV” simply and fast. Schedules for TV stations often contain programs that show some aspects from the real life, the so-called Reality TV became a part of TV schedules. A typical example is the famous “Big Brother”. Organization of database allows inserting (by using speed buttons) parameters defined by the operator, who is responsible of logging. Those parameters can be:
- Participators
- Typical locations: kitchen, bedroom, swimming pool, etc
- Habitual actions: talking, cooking, arguing, reading, etc
This way all becomes simpler and more accurate, thanks to initial definition, even in case you need to catalogue complex events. You can create a database out of the simplest query. You can also use a query ‘constructor’ to allow other operators who don’t have to be experts, to create their database. The search and selection of work is
simplified and uniformed, and the video search is much easier to be performed now.(Ex.: all scenes of Alex kissing someone, all scenes of Mary cooking, etc.). ETERE Logger “Sport”
Logging and archiving your sports events with a 100% software solution. ETERE Logger is the software for creation of any program based on acquiring a sport event (ex: Soccer, Football, etc.). It was created with a purpose to make your acquiring, logging, archiving and creating stories much easier, faster and as economical as possible. In the keywords can be included players, teams and they can be automatically loaded from the beginning of the event. You can assign to each frame an unlimited number of keywords. Of course, bigger is the number of associated words, faster and more accurate is the future database search. Organizing database allows inserting fixed operator parameters by using speed buttons. In case the subject is a football game, those can be:
- Players, arbiters and coaches
- Typical situations: goal, penalty, free kick, etc
- Habitual actions: kicking, running, falling, etc
To create the highlights (the most intensive moments of a certain game), you just have to make a research, based on keywords, of all scenes you consider useful (ex: all goals, all scenes in which you can see a certain player, all faults, etc.). All scenes that were catalogued as mentioned above will be searched for. Thanks to a lowresolution
video, you have the possibility to control them and eventually refine them. All stories that are created by using these functions can be sent directly to editing system for adding post-production effects, or directly to the On-air.

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