Etere Traffic & Etere MAM at IBC 2002

13 September 2002

ETERE will take part of the most important broadcast Exhibition in Europe: IBC 2002 (stand: 8.329).

ETERE will take part of the most important broadcast Exhibition in Europe: IBC 2002 (stand: 8.329). You’ll be able to witness again the powerful software with important innovations that will be showed by ETERE during the exhibition, which are the new way of scheduling and ETERE MAM.
ETERE Traffic™ changes the way of programming and managing not only the commercial schedule but also all other programs of a TV station: with ETERE you will finally be able to program a long-term schedule for your TV station in the same environment you use for traffic and automation, no more import/export and file conversion. It offers you an opportunity to manage simply and fast all regarding the programs: contents, asset, operators and finances. The ETERE strategic programming offers you all necessary tools to optimize resources of all processes by allowing you to: make all the right choices (programs to be scheduled), maximize your values (with all that you have earned for selling the commercial space) and minimize total costs.
The schedule is not divided in time blocks as before but in program blocks (ex: every Monday evening you will program a premiere TV movie), and each one of them will have one or more commercial breaks. You can previously define exactly the quantity of these breaks, their total length and/or partial length of every single break. You can also define the contents of the schedule, for example: promo, commercials, movie 1° part, promo, commercials, movie 2° part, etc. The programming can be perfectly integrated with ETERE Automation, this way all data are going to be updated in real time (considering the fact that everybody has been working on the same object), so if the schedule office decides to modify anything, on-air staff will know right away not only the modification but also all other details, such as: what was replaced?; when?; what was inserted?; etc. The schedule can be modified with the “instant editor”, which can be done even a few seconds before the on-air. Clips can be viewed, and change with frame accuracy in low resolution and you can do all this directly from your PC without any additional hardware. ETERE MaM™ is an extension of ETERE Automation dedicated to Media Asset Management, it uses the Core of ETERE Automation and it’s perfectly integrated with ETERE News.
Etere MaM™ is already a widely used content management solution throughout the broadcast and telecommunications industry and provides a substantial, scalable and secure platform for ingesting, storing, managing and editing digital content of all kinds. It is capable of managing all supports (videotapes, low-resolution video, videos
recorded on a videoserver). It is possible to use the browsing to define those objects. Etere MaM™ offers a truly flexible extension to your system. With it’s connection to the Microsoft SQL database it means that integration into your existing infrastructure can be achieved seamlessly.
This ensures that each project is assessed based on scalability and security to enable future growth potential. ETERE MaM™ is a unique Media Asset Management System (MaM) that manages, ingests, manipulates and trades the contents of digital archives, plus it can take care of transmission and archiving.

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