Etere for ALICE LIVE on air

06 июня 2007

MTV Italy and TELECOM Italy have chosen again Etere’s facilities to improve their Alice Live.

After a long and successful work with ETERE, MTV Italy and TELECOM Italy have chosen again Etere’s facilities to improve their broadband service with Alice Live, the new online TV. Alice Live is a new Mtv channel and it is the first interactive tv in which users can communicate real-time from home through a simple webcam.

Every day Alice Live offers a variety of on air Web Shows with personalities and gives everyone the chance to participate in them or to check the schedule in order to see the rerun of an episode. With STMan Etere controls Alice Live graphics avoiding that SMS are broadcasted during the video titles broadcasting, so that just one graphic device is required.

Alice Live archive is managed by ETERE Media Manager that takes care about all the media asset management through an innovative structure with 5 videoservers controlling ingest and playout. Alice Live is provided with a fast archive for videos storage in high resolution that is kept upgraded and whose free space is always checked and eventually get ready to receive new clips.

Alice archiving system is also supported by 3 long term archives with LTO3 technology where the files are moved from the fast archive in order to be stored in a digital library and where they can also be selected for playout.

ETERE provides Alice Live channel with an AUTOMATION system and a schedule system. Scheduling is the basic module able to create a list of programs, jingles, news, commercials as well as to create and publish commercial schedule. The system is so reliable and flexible to allow the creation of everything the TV station needs, all in one program.

Integrated with scheduling, at Alice Live ETERE has installed an automation system, powerful, reliable and modular, able to enhance broadcasters’ potentials in terms of functions and workflow design, but decreasing the number of mistakes.

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