Etere at IBC 2004

06 August 2004

ETERE will take part of the most important broadcast exhibition in the Europe: IBC 2004. Since 15 years ETERE Automation provides the most powerful, flexible, cost-effective, high-performance, end-to-end broadcast solutions.

Now, ETERE is very popular in the broadcast market. There are a lot of TV systems (in Asia, Europe and Middle East) where is installed ETERE, not only for the playout, but also for the scheduling, traffic, media management, etc.
ETERE innovative workflow allows you to increase productivity and quality while cutting costs. At IBC 2004, further on to by now famous automation software, ETERE is showing all its software solutions, and also the new features:
- Document Management: a unique complement to an automation. It allows to store documents in a SQL database. Documents can be files or acquired by scanner with the integrated scanner tool. Inside the ETERE automation you can associate those documents to different operations, like scheduling changes or quality control or as run log. - Low-res Browsing: with it you can preview the video and approve it in a complete tapeless workflow. Also you can simple cut editing for functions like censorship o commercial insertion. While preparing the schedule, you can view directly on your monitor the video you are handling. It’s able to do J&S, audio scrub and logo/subtitle preview. - Certification: it’s a tool that allows to be able to compare the requested scheduling with the as run log, intelligent and simple to use, it generate the reports for commercial programming and any other TV office.

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