Etere at IBC 2001

14 сентября 2001


ETERE will be part of the most important broadcast Exhibition in Europe: IBC 2001. Again this year, you’ll be able to witness the even more powerful. Important innovations that ETERE will show at IBC 2001 are 2 revolutionaries software adapted for Archiving and Indexing. Archiving: ETERE created a software which is able to connect, in a simple and inexpensive way, a videoserver to an archive. It is a plug-in of the already existent ETERE Media Manager, which in simple cases, DOESN’T REQUIRE an Archive Manager to connect to a library. As usual this Etere module is software only, no hardware required. The solution is simple, smart, and much more reliable than you think. Besides being a simple and inexpensive solution, “ETERE Media Manager with Archiving” can satisfy the customer’s requirements at any level. With Etere Automation the only thing you need is ETERE MM+ Archive. While using it, you will be able to organise and have a complete control over your workstation and your audio and video material. ETERE Media Manager + Archive is supplied with the following advanced functions:
- Archives an unlimited number of files of any size
- Creates emergency copies or backup copies, up to 3 copies per a tape
- Supports a large number of libreries and drives
- It is fault tolerant
- Tapes are in MTF format (Microsoft Tape Format) so that they can be read on any
Windows system
- Integrated with Windows Remote Storage
- Integrated with Windows Removable Storage
- Moves files between servers and to and from the archive. ETERE Media Manager + Archive is integrated on ETERE database and works standalone. ETERE offers you an integrated solution whether your system has one or more videoservers. Not the same in the case of one or more archive manager. - Indexing: ETERE Logger is an integrated logging function to speed up cataloguing of video & audio contents
Important functions are:
- Error free during cataloguing
- All material is catalogued very efficiently
- Archives data automatically
- Search is fast and error free
- Very user friendly when creating stories and clips
- Powerful search engine
Today more and more TV on air schedules contain programs related to the ‘Reality TV’ format. This plug-in of ETERE News allows managing all problems inherent to programs and events taking place over an extended period of time, making their acquisition simple and economical. Programs may be broadcasted live, not necessarily using conventional TV medium, but they could be on the Internet where the viewers have access to them 24 hours a day. Because of the large amount o material it is more difficult to automate the on-air and archiving. But more, ETERE Logger gives you the best interface to create the ‘story’ starting from a lot of ‘boarding’ videos, recorded during the events. ETERE Logger allows recording any event without interruptions throughout their duration. It allows time recording, editing, assign titles etc. The recording can be simultaneous in standard and low quality, while the recording is taking place. The built-in editor is strictly software based thus does not require any special hardware for the PC. There is no limit to the number of users that can simultaneously edit and create stories. The archiving is based on a hierarchic structure making it simple and efficient. ETERE, through the use of a specifically developed interface, catalogues all the material using a very fast and error free process. A relational database gives the searching process power and definition until now unthinkable. Moreover, being announced, on last year’s ETERE, with its department ‘Research and Development’, maintained the promise and all the new functions were developed in SQL. ETERE decided to migrate its database towards the SQL platform because of the inherent capability to manage constantly bigger archives and to satisfy necessities of clients from Radio, TV and Commercial agencies, which must succeed to organize and manage complex database simply and fast.For these motives, ETERE decided to invest and concentrate its research and its development, not any longer on a standard platform, but on a more serviceable one. This one was located in SQL 2000, by now 'de facto' a market standard. SQL means higher speed, data security, interchangeability of platforms, in other words: work better, work faster. SQL tests showed a speed increase round 20:1. And so from experience and knowledge, results of ETERE being a part of the broadcast-world for the past 13 years and of a development equal to 5000 hours/men, are created the new “commercial programming and management”
and relative ”contracts and invoicing”. Another important agreement will be announced at IBC, Etere will develop, in
collaboration with Dalet ANN, new “news automation engine”. This Dalet Ann/Etere joint-product will be a new milestone in the news environment integrating a newsroom with etere unique distributed architecture. ETERE NEWS 2.0, which is based on Mos 2.6, looks forward to be more flexible, much faster than any other product and more .……. it will be fault tolerant.

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