Etere at IBC 1998

20 October 1998

ETERE introduces its new version of Etere 8.05 at IBC 2008

During IBC 1998 we show the new version of ETERE, the 8.05, it’s full of technologies solutions and new functions to manage radio and tv stations. ETERE is now shipped on Windows NT platform . A big success for Etere Tv automation a complete automation system ; it’s available on two flavors the standard VTR & video server an the new revolutionary full caching structure. Also Etere TV Scheduling, the best Tv editor of the show, to manage real time the automation, with : frame accuracy, low quality preview software based, secondary event control GPI, break points, subtitling, dsk, master control transactions, and run time control of variable events, and fillers. With ETERE TV scheduling you can modify the on air playlist also a few seconds before the on air. On Etere Radio automation we show, new high quality MPEG audio cards run inside the system, manufactured by Antex. With Etere Radio scheduling you can insert, delete modify the on air log, Etere radio scheduling power and easy of use offers to the radio stations the first real times scheduling editor. Inside it’s interface you can: previewing the events control event properties like: mark in, mark out, fade in, fade out and cross point, also seconday events like GPI. Another important feature is the capability to convert audio from Cd faster than real time and to play audio files of different format without previous conversions (Mpeg layer I, II & III, wav, ADCPM 8 & 16 bit, etc.). Another important new product is Etere Money, a software to manage accounting and billing ready for Euro and for the year 2000.

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