Etere and Kapamilya

26 ноября 2008

Kapamilya has selected Etere solution for a complete solution.

“A member of the family’ is what the present slogan means as well as channel ‘Kapamilya’ and ETERE will become soon part of this big family. Kapamilya is almost like an ‘archive’ channel as it has collected a large number of movies from the 80s, 90s, up to present days. Most of these movies were originally made by ABS-CBN and were brought together along with some others coming from different video movie libraries for the occasion of the Filipino Network golden anniversary (2003).
Given that ABS-CBN already runs more than 20 channels in its facility, ETERE was the perfect choice to expand the system using all the existing infrastructures. The extreme modularity of ETERE allows you expanding simply by adding the necessary pieces. Its distributed architecture, without a single point of failure, allows easy and unlimited expansion.
ETERE is a TV management system that is based on a SQL Media Asset Management system, able to integrate all functions inside a media company by automating and linking them together in a single consistent system.
ETERE controls the following devices for Kapamilya:

• n. 1 Evertz Logo Inserter
• INCA Character Generator
• n.1 SeaChange Videoserver BMC
• n. 1 Quartz router via Etere Sarvaji
• 56 computers

Thanks to the virtualization of the serial port embedded in ETERE, the 56 PCs can share the same resources even with serial control and with no need of any additional Rs422 Router. ETERE is an extremely powerful and reliable system that guarantees a frame accurate Playout.
ETERE Scheduling system allows the easy scheduling of complex channel branding events.

The ETERE F90 intelligent import-export links the system to the in-house traffic system: in this way hundreds of users can check the system status and As Run Logs on ETERE web, while previewing the proxy video.

Finally, ETERE Transcoding represents a key function for this kind of channel, one that works like an enormous video library and whose schedule is totally composed of videos assets stored over many different sites. ETERE Transcoding enables you to change the format, resolution and a bit rate of files converting them into a proxy format to allow viewing on a lower resolution screen or on a portable device.
The biggest Philippine Multi-media conglomerate wisely chose the unparalleled Etere System for its No.1 Filipino TV station.

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