02 марта 2002

Etere Automation has created a new TV automation system based on the videoserver: Full Caching.

Full Caching Automation offers various advantages: extreme flexibility, quality and reliability. Commercials don’t have to be prepared in advance and also the last minute changes can be exported to the schedule, any time and any size.
With Etere Automation is easy and automatic to create a schedule, without an operator’s intervention. Only the most powerful and the most flexible software on the market is capable to offer you all this, and much more, at a low price: this represents the major investment for your money. With Etere your automation will be precise in frame. Etere Automation has been using the advantages of the distributed architecture for some time. In a conventional automation system, entire software works on Mainframe, a device able to effect hundreds of operations at the same time. Usually there is a ‘ device controller’, which fulfils all system requests and guides all devices. This central unit is the heart of the system, all operations are performed with its hardware and its software. Other types of architecture try to solve the problems by using an ‘intelligent controller for devices’, one for each unit. Certainly that doesn’t solve the problem since even device controllers depend on the central unit. We know very well that any type of damage represents a nightmare for a station, since everything stops working suddenly. In these cases to assure the continuity of operations you need to be supplied with a Backup and so you need 2 complete systems. Distributed architecture is scalable at 100%: several processes can work contemporaneously without compromising their functionality. Adding channels, devices or PCs for schedule doesn’t involve any modification to the already existing architecture. It is possible to increase number of tasks according to needs. Now, this new technology is available with ETERE, which derives from the Internet, doesn’t need a central unit, but only independent functions which communicate with each other. Etere is occupied with all TV automation aspects, from recording, to compiling and schedule publishing, to the actual On-air broadcasting. The particular thing, and our biggest pride, is that Etere is able to give all in a single solution and a single interface. For more information:

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