Successful Exhibition of Etere at BES 2010

15 февраля 2010

ETERE concludes a meaningful participation in New Delhi at BES EXPO 2010 Conference & Exhibition with a speech on Tapeless Management

Etere announces the success of its presentation at the 16th edition of the India’s biggest broadcasting
technology event BES EXPO, held from 29th to 31st January at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India.
Etere was exhibiting at the event promoting its prestigious line of broadcast solutions with a focus
on Automation, MAM, Archiving, Migration and Video Logging systems; the overall theme of Etere's presentation in Hall 11A, Booth 30 during BES Expo was the advantages of a distributed approach on implementing a broadcasting system where the integration of the following mentioned modules is the key of the success:
- A workflow-based management that allows to manage digital content and associated workflows under an integrated platform,
- An improved management of digital contents that enables broadcasters to capture, store, manage and deliver content at a top-level of performance,
- A long-term archive that ensures the quality control and preservation of digital content with the maximum of reliability.
As a part of BES Expo conference program, Mr. Fabio Gattari, Etere's Asia Pacific Sales Manager, delivered the keynote speech at the conference on the subject of 'New Technologies for Digital Television', the speech has token place on 30th January in a special session entitled 'Media and Metadata Management on Tapeless Digital Systems', during its presentation, Mr. Gattari covered one of the main broadcaster's challenges today, the implementation of a Tapeless Approach for media management systems that could be modular, interoperable, workflow-based and
cost-effective at the same time.
'Digital TV requires more metadata attached to the video to be broadcasted along with it simultaneously, this metadata includes EPG, Multilanguage subtitles, aspect ratio conversion, etc. The biggest challenge on this process resides in the paperless approach, since it is not possible to attach a paper to a file, so all the paper based steps must be changed to digital based steps' said Mr. Gattari.
Visitors were particularly interested on Etere's Tapeless Environment, as an easy to build system fully controlled via workflow and based on a MAM system that permits having a complete log of all carried out operations (including contents and personal data). The key point of Etere's approach is that MAM logs are not stored in unprotected TXT files but on inalterable DB tables and digitally signed XML documents, becoming into a key step towards a paperless television, while increasing the level of security and reliability of the entire system.