Etere 20: Twenty years making broadcast easier

07 января 2010

In 2010, after 20 years of consolidation in the broadcast industry, arrives Etere 20, the new Etere version that includes a wide range of new features and significant enhancements.

Etere, a leading global provider of solutions for broadcasters, media companies, content providers and house productions, proudly announces the release of the 20th version of its end-to-end product, this launch is an special event since it commemorates twenty years of active presence and professional experience in the broadcast market. During the last 20 years Etere has demonstrated not only to be able to grow in conjunction with the needs of its customers, but also to be always a step ahead of all competitors. This latest release incorporates a complete set of new features developed following feedbacks from customers all around the world, a remarkable fact that illustrates how Etere reflects genuine needs, offering an unparalleled guarantee of work in the real world with an outstanding level of end-user support. Etere 20 makes all the workflow process easier, Etere’s workflow management is integrated in all the basic and advanced functions of the entire framework to result into a reliable solution that encloses the most of synchronization and efficiency into a cutting-edge product. Etere 20 is moving to an MRP (Media Resources Planning) project to incorporate in one common framework all the capabilities needed to manage a multimedia company from its media (former Etere’s core) to all the office and paper related activities; under this scenario, the new Air Sales and BMS modules plays a particularly important role. New features included on Etere 20 will be available throughout all the modules that form the Etere’s integrated solution, between them, the following ones stand out:
› The logs that track the activity of the system are now digitally certified, so they represent the equivalent of a signature of the operator for every action, thus becoming a key step towards a paperless television, while increasing the level of security and reliability of the entire system,
› Etere now has a launch bar that provides shortcuts to its various components, allowing operators to instantly perform specific tasks with just one click,
› Media Asset Management functionalities have been improved with the inclusion of video conforming capabilities; allowing operators to create an EDL with different sources, and conform it as new file,
› Audio over, finally Etere has audio over capabilities included in its News Editor module, available from a new user-friendly GUI intended to be practical and easy to use,
› Operators have now the possibility of assigning specific secondary events to different stations, so each station will manage secondary events in a completely personalized way,
› Traffic capabilities goes up since traffic structures are now visible from Executive Editor, the multi-functioning application offered by Etere to program events almost intuitively, allowing inserting and deleting events present on traffic structures even few frames before their appearance on-air, all this with a full view and understanding of blockbased structures,
› A new feature related to the design of fully customizable asset templates will certainly save a lot of time during the creation of assets,
› Web assets management is a growing need such as technology is, that is why Etere Web allows contents to be partial restored via browser, that is, remote users will be able to download specific segments of an source video through a simple web interface,
› Etere Airsales, is the new name given to a completely redesigned Etere Traffic, this module has been enriched with new features to simplify the management of commercial assets including their reservation, purchase, scheduling, and subsequent invoicing.
A partially new GUI offers more powerful functions,
› Etere BMS has been renovated to bring a complete integration with other Etere modules such as Air Sales and Executive Editor,
› An enhanced SNMP monitoring service offers a complete logging of operations, allowing generation of reports for further analysis; additionally, the support of SNMP devices has been extended,
› Etere Media manager, new actions are now available for the creation of streamlined workflows regarding assets management including ‘load-balancing’, ‘storagemanagement’,‘quality-check’, etc,
› Media migration capabilities have been enhanced with the possibility of interface almost any device available on the market, ensuring material to be in the right place at the right time, and most important, with the right format,
› During 2010, Etere 20 will be officially compatible with Windows 7; expanding its current
compatibility of nine years with Windows 2000. As usual, this new version will be available as a free upgrade for existing customers with current active licenses, providing them with a large number of new features that will certainly maintain Etere at the forefront of innovation in the broadcasting sector. Moreover, a big effort has been done to provide Etere 20 with a field-enabled installation package that allows Etere to be installed either locally or remotely. Etere has always addressed the development of its product to be scalable, highly reliable, costeffective, and capable of managing the entire broadcasting chain of a station while providing specific functions to the individual processes which form it; ETERE 20 is not the exception, it clearly accomplishes with all these critical requirements to improve the overall workflow of any station.
Consequently, with the release of its new version, Etere has consolidated its position in a worldwide market on which it counts with more than 600 customers, an amount that certify the global demand of a broadcasting solution that continues to grow at rapid rates while gaining in distinction and reliability.

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