A Fast Launcher for Etere 20

13 января 2010

The new version of Etere now includes a desktop launch bar to bring quick and easy access to the major components of Etere with just one click.

Etere, a worldwide leading developer of reliable and cost-efficient solutions for the broadcast and media management market, announces that its new version,Etere 20, incorporates a Launch Bar implemented to speed up the access-time to its various modules, this by providing end-users with a friendly and intuitive shortcut manager that will surely streamlinethe usability of the wide range of solutions from which Etere is composed including air sales, automation, ingest, news integration, scheduling planning, etc.

Etere’s launch bar is a simple but powerful tool that will organize the shortcuts to the modules of Etere present on your system through a set of illustrative icons that permits an intuitive access to installed Etere module.

The launch bar will make operators forget about windows Start button by offering a functional arrangement of applications ready to provide instant access to the most frequently used Etere modules in just one click.

Amongst the main features that the new launch bar will bring the following can be mentioned:

« The launch bar can be aligned to the top, bottom, right or left of your desktop,
« It counts with auto start-up capabilities to automatically run when windows starts,
« Fully customizable size of shortcuts icons thanks to its zoom in/out functions,
« Its hide option allows to minimize it to the systray, freeing workspace on your desktop,
« Specify a station on which work with Etere by default without selection prompts,
« It counts with a one-click-launch feature for immediate execution of applications.

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