Etere to showcase its solutions at BES 2010

25 января 2010

The entire set of Etere's innovative solutions will be exhibited in India’s biggest broadcasting technology event.

ETERE, a leading global provider of broadcasting solutions, is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting the most comprehensive products in the broadcasting industry at the 2010 BES edition from 29th to 31st January in New Delhi. BES EXPO is the India’s biggest broadcasting technology show that in the last years has counted with the participation of the most important broadcasting companies of the entire world, making of it the ideal event to present to the Indian’s market Etere’s latest business strategies and system capabilities.

At BES 2010, Etere will exhibit the wide range of products that have made it recognized as one of the leading enterprise-scale broadcasting systems. ETERE is based on a distributed architecture, where the compatibility and complementation between its various modules are without any doubt a key part of its successful on reaching a top-level performance and reliability. Amongst the main Etere modules which conforms a single integrated package able to carry out all broadcasting processes from ingest to playout, the ones mentioned below will be focused during the exhibition:

TV Automation
Etere Automation combines the versatility of using the same database of the Etere Media Asset Management to integrate all the activities in a single environment, and the reliability of using an independent database for the final playout, adding in this way a decisive strong point of reliability to the overall system.

An easy to use subtitles manager is provided, allowing broadcasters to either create or import subtitles with frame-accuracy, enhanced preview capabilities, and allowing its further integration with the overall system workflow, including the management of secondaryevents.
Media Asset Management
Etere MAM is set of integrated applications which conforms a comprehensive Media Asset Management system, able to fit and streamline any digital operations workflow, by allowing to perfectly integrate core components such as the acquisition of contents (capture and encoding of digital media), editing of contents (creation and preparation of digital media), and management of rights (track of media’s contractual rights).
Etere HSM is the cost-effective solution to radically streamline the management of expensive tape libraries; allowing stations to optimize the migration of contents including high and low versions as well as associated metadata. Etere HSM improves the management of libraries by controlling their mechanical movements through the HSM Robotics Control and HSM Data Pump applications, which are able to run several data pumps on different machines to boost their throughput, while offering access to real-time logs, reports and statistics.
Etere Data Mover is the application used to perform the physical storage and retrieval of video files, a typical Data Mover operation would be to move a video clip from a video server to an archive based on custom actions which are defined and executed via workflow. Etere Data Mover, together to Etere HSM, forms a tandem that is the only solution in the market with an embedded multi-level and multi-rule cache that offers an intelligent management which ensures the best performances with low investments

Video Logging
Etere Memory is the application developed by Etere to provide broadcasters with a reliable video logger capable to record and store all the transmitted contents in a low resolution format (Mpeg4/WMV), allowing them in this way, to keep track of everything that has run within a configurable time slot and as consequence, fulfill with broadcast recording laws.
All the abovementioned modules are perfectly integrated between them, due to Etere’s distributed architecture and a dedicated SQL Server approach; making thus possible to use shared resources and have unlimited communication between Automation, MAM, Migration & Archiving and Video Logging departments under a single and unique environment.

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