Etere's demonstration at CAPER 2009

25 November 2009

In order to continue with its expansion on the South American Market, Etere has been exhibiting its solutions at the Biggest Argentinean Broadcasting Show

Etere, a global leader of providing complete broadcasting solutions, communicates that, from the 28 to the 30th October at Buenos Aires, Argentina, it has been present at the CAPER 2009 event, showcasing its wide range of professional and cost-effective products to the most important broadcasting companies, productions houses and content providers of the region.

Etere has been hosted by the second consecutive year by SVC, one of the largest video resellers of the zone and a trusted resource for media professionals. CAPER is the major annual event for the equipment manufacturers for CATV, broadcasting, cinema and multimedia in Argentina.

ETERE has been represented in this event by the person of Mr. Emanuele Porfiri, who has been showcasing both new and re-designed Etere products and functions, and also explaining Etere's flexibility to fit any broadcasting system due to its distributed architecture based on a variety of integrated modules, specifically developed for meeting the needs of the broadcast and media market.

The conference was mainly oriented to the presentation of Etere MAM and its highly effective digital content management features, the speaker has explained its specific design to streamline the process of ingest, indexing, storage, archive and retrieval of digital assets.

A centralized solution for handling digital content and its associated metadata, its effective implementation both increases operational efficiency and maximizes the return on investment of digital media. In a media rich archive, Etere MAM simplifies the process of content management by streamlining the digital workflow allowing you to bring media content to the market faster and in multiple formats making sure all new media platforms are served with exceptional, frame accurate content.

Etere also counts with Etere Workflow to achieve efficiency in everyday information processing of broadcasters and media companies. Contents, commercial orders, assets, schedules and all the steps involved after their creation can be easily organized and supervised to allow your company to reach a new level of excellence.

Etere Workflow helps to plan and manage the whole production process, thus bringing complete control over procedures, approval processes and overall system management.

An important topic presented during the exhibition was the importance of Tapeless in television industry, explaining how nowadays waiting times a critical factor usually related to the time employed by an asset to arrive from an external agency to the production department; It is in response to this problematic that ETERE developed Tapeless Reception, a custom-tailored web service designed with the purpose of offering an efficient solution for multimedia content transfer between external agencies and stations, eliminating the need of creating physical copies, entrusting valuable material to private couriers and risking of excessive waiting times.
It enables contents to be sent digitally (i.e. without using magnetic tapes) via internet, bringing a shorter delivery time than this required by a common consignment of magnetic tapes.

During the exhibition, Mr. Porfiri has put special focus on Etere MTX, the new driver developed by Etere to allow the incorporation of the ultimate HD/SD Matrox video cards into Etere-based systems without using middleware's or additional applications.
Etere MTX provide broadcasters with tighter playout integration at lower costs, offering them a cutting-edge product with an outstanding performance, and most important, an unbeatable relation between quality and price.
Among the most relevant features that Etere MTX offers and make of it a competitive solution, the following ones can be mentioned:
- All compression schemas and wrappers are supported, including for example MPG2, DV, DVCpro, AVI, MXF and QT. - It includes a graphics engine which allows overlaying fixed Logos and Crawls. - Unlike other solutions, it is offered as low-price software that includes free upgrades and updates as all Etere products. - The rendering engine of Matrox cards can be controlled in real-time by Etere MTX, being even capable to produce statics or dynamic graphic overlays. - It is able to work on a dedicated computer so it will exploit the whole potential of Matrox Video cards, forming at the same time an important part of a distributed Etere system.

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