Kanal 2 has expanded into Kanal11 with Etere

01 July 2009

Kanal2 Keeps on Growing and Confirm Etere as its Broadcasting Solution also for its New Channel: Kanal 11

Kanal11 is the new sister channel of Kanal2, a privately owned Estonian television station which is broadcasting since 1993.
Kanal11 was launched on March 27th 2008, and it is available in all cable and digital networks.
The channel is mainly targeted at women and its programming includes various reality shows, women series, romantic films and talk shows. The politics of Kanal11 is to consciously avoid any kind of violence on its daily programming. After three years of controlling the transmission of Kanal2, Etere has been now chosen to also manage the broadcasting process of Kanal11. Kanal2 has entrusted on Etere to increase its main system and to place side by side a Kanal11 channel management. As usual in the Estonian market, Etere has collaborated with its Estonian distributor Pro Media inc. to carry out this project. Through the implementation of an Etere system, Kanal11 is allowed to completely manage their resources via customized workflows, and thanks to Etere Scheduling which works directly with assets and their schedules, managing various secondary events such as Logo, Subtitles, Transitions, etc. As in Kanal2, Etere Ingest is on charge of the recording process and of the various post-recording functions as file checks, quality checks, file removals and statistics calculations. The installation was equipped with Etere Memory, the digital video logging system that records, archives files in Mpeg4 format, and jointly to Etere Data Mover stores clips on specific devices in both high and low resolution formats. Etere Automation sends On-Air the entire programming of Kanal11 with remarkable advantages as extreme flexibility, quality, reliability and the chance to operate their broadcasting in real time. Etere Automation also allows both stations to send On-Air simultaneously two language subtitles, Estonian and Russian, increasing in this way its target range. Hardware included into the overall Kanal11 system is completely controlled by Etere, which permits to take full advantage of the following devices:
- 14 Pc CAL (Client Access License) enabled,
- 2 NEXIO Video Servers(“2in/2out” and “2 in/4 out”),
- 1 QUARTZ Router,
- 2 QUARTZ Master Controls,
- 2 Logo Generators,
- 2 FAB subtitling systems,
- 4 VTR

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