Functional and Technical Specifications

02 июня 2016

For more information on the functional and technical specifications, please refer to the attachment.

Vietnam Satellite Digital Television (VSTV) is a company recently created in the framework between the French Canal+ Group and the Vietnamese public television broadcaster VTV to bring a satellite TV service provided by various channel packages delivered through the highest satellite technology.
VSTV project requires an experienced software provider that will allow it to delivery a host of new channel packages while employing the latest in satellite technology to ensure high-quality visual and audio features.
At present, Etere has a strong relationship with VTV, based on years of management of the VTV’s nine channels playout by using an Etere system, a choice that has permitted VTV to achieve an operative efficiency while meeting audience’s quality expectations.
This paper describes how all VSTV’s specifications can be satisfied by the solution proposed by Etere, describing its architecture and identifying the functional advantages and benefits offered by a system able to manage and streamline the most important phases of VSTV’s playout workflow with a wide set of cutting edge applications that goes from to an accurate contents management to an automatic delivery of contents.

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