Etere Solutions for the NEWS

04 ноября 2009

For the full white paper on ETERE solutions for the NEWS environment, please refer to the attachment for more details.

This white paper provides an overview of the ETERE solutions for the NEWS environment from the basic simple to the most complete. The ETERE solutions covers all the aspects of news production and are able to give a cost effective solution from a single producer. This give to the station a standard interface to be easily integrated in all the aspects of the television.
Technical overview
ETERE offers a truly flexible extension to your system It use the Microsoft SQL database to gibe you power an future upgrades also it means that integration into your existing infrastructure can be achieved seamlessly.
Basic system
The basic system integrate only the newsroom with the Server system to give you the ability to insert any video file in the rundown an play it from the automation interface. The ETERE MOM port give you the ability to share you video database in few seconds. In the following picture you will see that ETERE is able to share with the
- all recorded events
- all events of a selected genre
- all note expired events
This to give you the flexibility to share only the info you needs.

This ability of Etere to give you different port configuration make able to work with almost three scenarios.

1 All the events are placed on the rundown only after they are inside the server. In this case the checkbox ‘only recorded events’ will alert the user when a new video file is arrived and it’s ready for the rundown. 2 The rundown is ready even before the video clips are recorded, so uncheck the previous check button, insert the clip in the rundown, and see, on the rundown itself when it will be ready for on-air, this scenario is very useful when the name of the clips are decided before the rundown itself is ready. 3 The video clips are not decided and in the rundown are inserted some ‘unnamed clips’. In this case ETERE creates a new asset I the database and ask it to be recorded, then everything will follow case number

The Archive
It’s important to understand that media manager is part of the news system so if a clip is on the archive or everywhere in the system it will be recognized and moved to the on air system on time for the rundown. Media manager, seamless for the operator, does this job; this behavior is already part of ETERE automation.
Standard automation system
Etere can give an integrated system where automation and news are part of the same system, and where the same architecture, ingest, archive, browsing can be shared by both environment.
This allows the station to save money in both acquiring system and in maintenance, while a single feature, like multiple users can share the archive.

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