How to Configure a Spare Automation Server

02 June 2016

For more information on Hardware Maintenance: How to Configure a Spare Automation Server, please refer to the attachment.

PTS was founded in 1998 as a terrestrial television channel, and in 2006, was charged by the Taiwanese government with developing an HDTV (High Definition TV), a set of digital television(DTV) standards that offer the highest resolution and sharpest picture. PTS today produces a range of high quality, independent content, including local and national news programs, documentaries, TV series, children contents and other critically acclaimed programs.
PTS uses Etere solutions to carry out its entire broadcast chain, from ingest to playout, connecting all devices present in the station under a fully integrated workflow system. PTS playout system is composed by 3 main/clone redundant playlists with an extra server available for maintenance, that is, for replacing the main and backup servers in case one of them needs to be shutdown for hardware maintenance.
This document describes how to implement and reconfigure a spare Etere Automation server to keep the availability of two automation servers during routine maintenance operations, this spare server will be able to replace either the master or clone automation without altering the redundancy structure of the playout system.