Media Asset Management: Timecode Metadata Indexing

24 May 2016

Media Asset Management for timecode metadata indexing enables media flies to be automatically managed and classified at a time-code level.

Etere Media Asset Management for cataloging at time code level offers the ability to add rich metadata not only at the asset level but also at a higher level of cataloging such as at the time code level. Etere provides the flexibility to categorize metadata according to your business requirements.Rich time-based metadata open the door to a whole new discovery platform that creates a deeper level of intelligence around video content and enable unparalleled accuracy and personalisation in search results and recommendations. With this time-based metadata solutions, media companies can develop improved discovery and viewing experiences that drive increases engagement and monetization of media assets.

Benefits of a higher level of cataloging
■Edit metadata easily through the cataloging functions
■Define metadata schema(s) for each frame of video, or a video segment
■Allows captions/subtitles to be classified as frame metadata, in the media frame headers or the media container(wrapper) or as a separate cc file (SCC, STL, PAC, etc)
■Allows users to enter metadata either before ingest (into a placeholder created for an expected asset) or after ingest (to validate pre-entered metadata, modify metadata or add more metadata) while browsing a high or low resolution material
■The creation of virtual assets allows automatically imported virtual assets and reorganization of Edit Decision List, also known as EDL
■Seamless integration allows easy import and export of metadata across multi-level systems
■Metadata indexing at timecode level allows easy discovery and organisation

Timecodes are added to film, video or audio material, and have also been adapted to synchronize music. They provide a time reference for editing, synchronization and identification. With timecode meta-data indexing, modern videotape editing is made possible.
Multiple Meta-devices
Multiple meta-devices can be configured at a detailed and descriptive level via cloud device storage. Files can be named by the asset code, asset ID, source name, asset code and type or with a unique name generation. Multiple cloud device storage device is also available.
Subtitles Tool for Captioning Production
Subtitle Tool for captioning allows stations to perform in-house subtitling (e.g. subtitled movies, captioned news, etc) and providing also automatic speech recognition capabilities to directly dictate subtitles without typing them and thus save both time and money.
Asset Search
Etere MAM allows a wide variety of search options including full-text search, subtitles filter, asset form, series manager, artist manager, genres, roles, SMPTE metadata and more.

Cost-effective Management
With powerful workflow automation, customization and management capabilities, Etere MAM equips broadcasters with the ability to manage their media assets and to streamline media operations effectively.
Time-based Metadata
Rich, time-based metadata at the production level leverages on metadata-driven solutions to value-add at every stage of the video content life cycle.

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