Content and Technology: Etere Empowers TodayTV Vietnam

06 May 2016

Vietnam’s TodayTV has chosen Etere’s broadcast solutions with its latest installation to manage and automate the TV station’s tapeless production and digital delivery workflows using Etere’s MERP concept in a total software solution that is able to connect and manage the complete life-cycle of media for the company.

Etere worked with its distributor, SV TECH, for the roll-out of the TodayTV installation. TodayTV’s installation of Etere Automation with a master and backup automation based on MTX2 features a master-clone mode, as well as a disaster recovery mode and runs independently from an SQL server. Its approach combines real-time device control and media asset management in a single solution.

The integrated eco-system in TodayTV includes Etere Ingest, a solution that has the capabilities to capture media from a wide selection of feeds including real-time SD/HD media from video source, broadcast stream, FTP and IP stream, into a cloud storage and apply it to any part of the workflow. Etere Cloud storage enables quick upload and download of content to distributed users.

TodayTV is also equipped with Etere Memory (2 channels). Etere Memory is designed to provide provide broadcasters with a media logger that is capable of recording and storing all transmitted content in a low resolution format such as Mpeg4/WMV, allowing them to keep track of everything that was aired within a configurable time slot and thus fulfilling broadcast recording laws. In addition, Etere Memory allows recording and viewing of clips at the same time with minimal delay.

TodayTV has also adopted Etere Advanced QC, a file-based video quality check system. Its multi-tasking tool is able to analyse up to four files at the same time with the basic licence and to support simultaneous multi-users, multi-formats, multi-levels reporting environments as well as multi parameters analysis and parallel analysis of multiple/simultaneous sources.