Etere Launches Post Pro Package

20 апреля 2016

Streamline your Post-Production workflow and increase operational efficiency with Etere Post Pro package which is designed as an all inclusive solution for all your post-production needs at a single package price.

Post production is a critical stage in an ever-evolving media landscape. Today's post-production challenges include demand for higher quality content with shorter timelines. Get a head start in this fast paced environment with Etere Post Pro which amplifies your investment returns with optimal quality at every stage of the workflow. Etere's efficient load balancing capabilities distributes tasks across several resources for a fault-tolerant and exceptional performance.

Effectively manage large volume of media and enhance the production value of your projects with Etere Post Pro which includes a curated selection of Etere's revolutionary solutions in an all-in-one package at a single price with no hidden costs, suitable even for the most demanding post-production needs. Reduce complexity and ensure reliability with at every stage of your post-production workflow including management, access, production and archive with Etere Post Pro's Web GUI. In addition, Etere future-proofs your media assets with free upgrades and easy expansion to suit environments of any size.

Key Features

Advanced Archive Management
■ Allows archiving of completed projects and projects for future use

Transcoding with Intuitive Interface
■ Transcoder for quick search, multi-formats support for multi-platforms delivery

Metadata Search
■ Delivers files and metadata efficiently & adds metadata for a quick search

Seamless Integration & Delivery
■ Multi-formats, multi-frame-rates & multi resolution content delivery across multiple platforms

Etere MAM Indexing with QC
■ Performs a file based QC of the files produced, scalable speeds from 3X to 50X

Hierarchical Storage Management
■ Tape Library Manager for long-term archiving

Etere CAL (windows client licence)
■ Licence is identified by computer not by username, supports multiple users

Etere software driver for each LTO tape drive
■ Interfaces the devices and systems most widely-used in broadcast/post-production houses

Etere Database Management and User Rights
■ Comprehensive and efficient tool to facilitate total configuration of all the system setting

Etere Workflow
■ Complements the underlying broadcasting system, optimizes systems management & reduces costs

Etere Resource Management
■ All-in-one framework for all activities, shared metadata exchange between departments

Etere Tape Loan Management
■ Fast Loans and returns, comprehensive view of tape movements

Etere Ingest
■ Captures in real-time SD/HD media from virtually any video source

Etere SNMPconsole
■ Optimizes all the infrastructure performance and availability of a system from a centralised real-time system

Etere Media Manager
■ Streamlines the process of ingest, indexing, storage and retrieval of digital assets

Etere Proxy Browsing
■ Advanced browsing solution integrated in all Etere solutions with free web client

Etere Hires Player
■ Designed to play any major Hires and Lores codec

Etere Tapeless Reception
■ Manages all your digital contents from external sources