Content and Technology: Etere Launches New Features with Etere QC

22 марта 2016

Etere renews the Etere QC that is able to perform fast real time analysis from 3X to 50X. Etere QC offers the capacity to control any file, including 4K. Etere QC (formerly Etere CMS) is a free add-on of Etere MAM.

Streamlined Operational Efficiency

Etere QC is equipped with advantages such as the options to check audio/video either prior (e.g. playout, repurpose, archiving) or after (e.g. encoding, ingest, editing, transcoding, archiving) media operations across the content life cycle. The integration with Etere player allows you to verify the file from the MAM without any additional hardware or software.
The M.E.R.P. integrated Etere QC automatically detects and marks audio/video issues on assets’ EDL according to their quality. The dynamic flexibility of Etere QC also allows control of any file type and is able to speed up with fast speeds from 3x to 50x. Etere QC strengthens Etere M.E.R.P.’s robustness and embraces an all-integrative solution for all your workflow needs!

Intelligent Detection Capabilities

The detection capabilities of Etere QC are tuned to provide the most used profiles to ensure file integrity.
The fault tolerant, load balanced architecture of ETERE QC delivers fast and reliable QB analysis. ■ Video Block/Blur/Freeze
■ Scene changes
■ Black frames
■ Freeze frames
■ Audio silence/absence
■ Audio level
■ Anti-phase audio
■ Audio loudness
■ Freeze Frame Detection
■ Audio Clipping/loss
■ Brightness/Contrast
■ Black Frame Detection
■ Super Black

Easy to use

■ 100% file-based without the need for dedicated hardware
■ Multi-processing on the same computer is supported
■ Fully customisable detection profiles
■ Results are stored in the database using standard format
■ Thumbnails are generated for each detected issue

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