Radio TV Link: ETERE ETX Expands Product Support with Blackmagic

02 March 2016

4K-ready IT playout solution, Etere ETX is now compatible with Blackmagic products.

Leading broadcast and media solutions provider, Etere announced that Blackmagic products will be supported with its video management software, Etere ETX. Etere ETX delivers an exceptional user experience with a complete channel in a box with full IP (in and out) capabilities and an ever-expanding list of product support.
Advance your Video Content with the M.E.R.P Integrated Etere ETX. Etere ETX is part of the revolutionary Media Enterprise Resource Planning (M.E.R.P.) framework that connects and manages the complete lifecycle of a Media/IT company. Etere ETX has a distributed architecture that enables it to take advantage of ultimate storage and video hardware to create a high-performance digital media solution that can used to capture/playout servers, NLE systems, graphics/production servers, automation and master control units and more.
Etere products are designed to increase operational efficiency with an integration of processes providing consequent saving of time and expenses at no hidden cost.

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