ETERE Enables Media Cloud Access Via Light Client Media

25 февраля 2016

ETERE, the developer of software solutions for broadcast and media companies, has announced a new product designed for users who need to access its cloud storage from anywhere on a network. Etere Light Client is the standalone application that enable users to instantly get cloud media into any target, e.g. file browser, editing application, etc.

Etere Light Client gives a simple and fast way to access an Etere media cloud while providing the following features:
•Standalone tool that runs without any Etere installation
•Secure database access to download assets and news
•Simple an intuitive interface powered with drag and drop
•Full-text search to look up for media matching properties
•Custom filtering by storage device and creation date
•Thumbnail-enriched results and “newest first” ordering
•Platform-specific versions for Windows and Mac OS

Aware of different platforms involved in asset production, Etere Light Client is provided in two native versions for Windows and Mac OS systems. Enabling authenticated users to search across multiple devices, filter results by creation date, and download required media files just that easy as dragging and dropping files into the desired folder or application.

Like standard assets, Etere Light Client also allows downloading video files related to news stories created from Etere Nunzio. Under a dedicated section, news stories can be searched and filtered according to the rundown scheduled time.

NLE users can rely on the Etere Light Client to gain quick access to the Etere cloud storage, and retrieve archived media into a non-linear editing system with a drag and drop. With Etere Ligh Client you will get your archived files ready for post-production using no API or third-party controls.

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