Content + Technology: Feb 2016

25 февраля 2016

Hanoi TV, a leading television network of Hanoi, Vietnam has selected Etere technology to manage its entire media cycle.

Hanoi TV has adopted the Etere Media Cycle Management System which feature video management, scheduling system, transcoding, archiving, desk storage and automation capabilities. The system is also designed with a web interface that helps to drive efficiency for the network.
Etere Media Management is a highly effective digital content management solution that streamlines the process of ingesting, quality control, indexing, transforming, and storage and retrieval

Etere equipped Hanoi TV with two Harmonic Mediadeck and a Grass Valley master control that supports the entire Media Cycle Management System. Grass Valley master control solutions are designed to make play-to-air easy. Harmonic video servers, shared storage and content management systems offer professional media organisations with open platforms optimized for the production, transformation and distribution of digital media.
The following features empowers Hanoi TV to streamline their media cycle management workflow:
•A MAM for video management
•Etere transcoding
•Vantage transcoding 2 units (telestream)
•HSM archive
•Spectra LTo6 library with 2 drives and 100 slots
•Disk storage
•Web interface
•Proxy preview
•Scheduling system
•Playout automation

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