Content and Technology : VTVCab Re-Appoints Etere for Expansion

25 февраля 2016

VTVCab has chosen Etere system for its expansion plans that include increased storage and an additional 20 harmonic channelport to manage 10+10 channel playout.

Etere maintains a strong relationship with VTV, based on years of playout management of the VTV’s nine channels by an Etere System which empowers VTV to achieve high levels of operational efficiency. An integral component of the system is Etere MAM, a module that enables a comprehensive searching, browsing and cataloguing of rich media with very intuitive interface during the entire media management process.
With the new system, VTVcab will be equipped with expanded storage and an additional 20 harmonic channel port to manage 10+10 channel playout. During the media management process, Etere will manage the MAM system for ingestion, preview and video delivery.

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