HTV Upgrades to ETERE MTX

25 февраля 2016

Vietnam’s HTV has chosen to upgrade its older Seachange server to new ETERE MTX CIB technology, in a complete Tapeless system.

After several years with ETERE, Ho Chi Minh Television Station (HTV) in Vietnam has upgraded their Seachange servers to a new system based on MTX.
Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) is the national television channel of Ho Chi Minh City. HTV broadcasts four channels – entertainment channel HTV7, Kids channel HTV3, and information, propaganda-trend, official and analog-digital on HTV9 and HTV4. HTV also has several specific cable and digital television channels.
MTX is an application offered by Etere to drive the most popular digital video/audio/graphics editing platforms without using any middleware or additional programs. It is not an external product and is configured in Etere programs itself. The Automation Media Manager Ingest automatically locates and uses MTX resources.
By combining the professional effects technology of industry standard codecs with an Etere system, users can capture both high (HD) and standard definition (SD) formats over digital input, mix in real-time all types of footage on a timeline with more layers and/or effects, as well as parallel multi-format ingestions.

Features of the HD-enabled software include:

•Real-time Up and Down converter
•Aspect ratio converter
•SD and HD back to back playout
•AFD information insertion
•MTX allows the insertion of all standard channel branding graphics, up to 8 layers for fixed and animated logos as well as crawls
•The graphics can be imported in any standard format using Etere interface, and distributed to any Playout using Etere Media Manager
•A low res copy for preview is generated, for low-res preview
•Graphics are stored on hard drive so unlimited space
•Live signal can be passthrough to insert graphics

MTX was chosen for its ability to run HD and SD files back to back. Users will be able to use their existing Seachange files with no conversion. HTV uses four MTX servers, with two ‘in’ and two ‘out’, connected to the mediagrid storage.
The upgrade includes the expansion of file archives which ensures the easy storage of older files and enables users to build on their storage. HTV has also upgraded the HSM system that will now manage up to 500 LTO5 slots.
Lastly, MTX comes with Etere transcoders, an embedded software that gives HTV complete control of the station’s video assets. The transcoders check asset locations and ensure that devices use the correct paths to connect to devices.

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