Radio TV Link features an article on Etere

18 февраля 2016

Radio TV Link features an article on Etere's project for ABN. For the full article, please view the attachment.

ETERE is very excited to announce that ABN (Asian Broadcasting Network) has confirmed ETERE as the core system for the management of its digital cable television offerings which now includes a new channel. After the great success of the first ABN channel, ETERE delivered a second one also based upon a full MERP solution.

The implementation of a second channel comes as result of the success of the first channel, where the MERP approach has demonstrated to be the best ABN could have in terms of speed and efficiency. With Etere MERP (Media Enterprise Resources Planning), ABN has been provided with fastest, efficient and flexible workflows that ensure a high level of performance while maintaining a low cost of ownership.

ABN's facility has been designed relying on a full MERP solution formed by a wide set of tightly integrated products ready to fit nowadays needs. ABN manages its programs and promo scheduling through Etere BMS and Etere Promo, traffic activities from booking to billing are performed by Etere Airsales, all those functions are extended to the second channels. As a key service, an EtereWeb server has been implemented to allow remote users to access ETERE through a secure web portal powered with Air Sales functions as well as tapeless reception of media material (e.g. from NLE systems).

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