Voice TV begin airing supported by Etere

03 февраля 2010

The New Broadcasting Network, VOICE TV, has been recently launched and it has been managed by an ETERE system in order to get the most of the employed Tapeless approach.

Voice TV is an entertainment television channel with headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. It has started broadcasting via satellite on August 2009 and it is linked to existing networks such as People's Station and MTV Thailand.
The network’s implementation project has been performed by Etere in collaboration with Sony, and consists of ingest, migration, archiving and playout operations. Etere keeps gaining in presence and popularity in the Asian market, a proof of this is its participation on the management of a new satellite channel, Voice TV, where Etere has deployed a system completely based on a tapeless approach comprising distinct capabilities such as costefficiency, fault-resiliency and architecture-flexibility, capabilities that permits the station to interact with the latest tapeless technology that Sony’s XDCAM brings to the business. Voice TV's goal had been to implement a system with high levels of performance and efficiency in data migration while achieving a maximum level of data security, for this purpose, Etere has designed a tapeless workflow expanded by various workstations, with a special focus on XDCAM devices, which are the core of the acquisition and delivery of contents. The XDCAM cart machine present in the station is controlled by EtereCart, the module which permits the entire system to communicate with the PDW-HD1500 to capture data through specific recording decks, bringing operators the possibility of using the cart machine also to carry out the direct playout of all programmes (excepting commercials) on specific time ranges determined by the station. The playout system of Voice TV uses both the XDCAM cart machine and the Nexio video server to send on-air its contents; commercial events are transmitted with an unparalleled reliability and redundancy from the video server through Etere Automation, whilst the rest of events are directly delivered by the cart machine controlled by EtereCart. In an immediate previous stage to the playout, Etere STMan is used for advanced branding and graphics management of Voice TV, working together to the Inscriber logo generator to perform all channel branding related operations. A maximum level of flexibility in scaling system components has been achieved by Voice TV thanks to the distributed architecture of Etere, which efficiently manages all the broadcasting equipment present along the station including:
• 3 XDCAM Cart PDW-HD1500 (80 slots),
• 2 XDCAM Recording Deck SONY PDW-F75,
• 1 Video Server NEXIO,
• 1 Video Mixer ICONMASTER,
• 1 Logo Generator INSCRIBER.

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