Etere 23: A Complete New Design of the GUI Experience

18 February 2016

The new Etere release shows a complete redisign of it's GUI. The product is now more easy to use and with the best GUI of the market.

Etere, the leading provider of high technology software for broadcasting and media businesses,
announced significant new features in the latest release Etere 23. The Etere R&D Team has
done a complete redesign to be more fast, more easy, more powerful.
Those are some of the following improvements:

• The new GUI experience with default dark look has been improved to give you a professional
interface with less distractions and more focus. The high contrast will help working on any light
condition from dark master control rooms to enlightened editing rooms. We also includes
different colour GUI experience to match your preference and mood;

• Main menus now follow the Windows 8 GUI to be simple, intuitive and easy to use;

• Etere 23 is "Windows 8 ready", the W8 Compatibility logo will be released soon;

• Etere 23 is SQL2012 compatible, it can use the power of the new database engine. Etere 23 is
also fully retro-compatible with servers running the previous SQL Server 2008 R2 version;

• Etere 23 is easier and faster to install/upgrade than previous versions, all required tasks have
been automated to prevent administrators from engaging in any manual intervention;
• A "System Information Service" has been added to the Monitoring Console to provide
management information (e.g. CPU utilization, Disk free, Physical Memory free, etc).) from all
Etere workstations present in the network and enabled for responding ping requests;

• Monitoring Console's background functions has been improved. SNMP real-time checks,
Processes monitoring, Devices ping check and counters collection can be quickly consulted on
the status bar;

• Supervisors can now manually assign tasks from the Resource Manager to user groups
besides from specific users;

• The proxy preview can use QuickTime files including H264;
• Air Sales reports have been improved to include more data not only from the production
database but also from the historical database;

• Multichannel Grid keeps getting better thanks to the improvement of its existing functions. The
explosion of events has got more versatile (now is based also on durations) whereas the
insertion of black listed events is quicker (now are also automatically placed on booked

• A new method has been added for managing users within Etere systems. Now users can be
identified besides from their Windows/SQL username also according to their domain, it allows
companies with multiple domains (e.g. domain forests) to manage all accounts within the entire
system as individual users and thus improve access control, rights management and operations
tracking. Allabove mentioned features have been developed with brilliant accuracy to make the
operator’s job easy, fast and efficient, a remarkable fact that increases the legendary
capabilities of Etere software.